Trading Academy


  • Course Introduction
    Why learning to trade is important?
    What we’ll teach you in this course?
    The Diversity of Binary Options.
  • The world of global trading
    An overview of the Binary Options Market, different financial instruments explained and the main factors that drive the market.
  • Binary Options Advantages
    What’s so good about Binary Options?
    In this video we’ll list of the advantages.
  • Trading is an art form
    What traders need to know in order to become successful?
  • Chance and Risk
    What are the chances and risks and the types of investments.
  • Are you an emotional trader?
    What are the relations between emotions and trading?
    Why you must be in a specific state of mind in order to succeed?
    How to identify bad emotional state and how to deal with it?
  • Distributing Risks
    What is risk distribution?
    How good capital management may make the difference between failed and successful investment?


  • Passive Trading 5/15 Rule
    What is the 5/15 rule?
    How to implement it in real trading?
  • Aggressive Trading 10/30 Rule
    What is the 10/30 rule?
    How to implement it?
    When should you use it?
  • Market analysis types
    The two basic types of market analysis.
  • Trend
    What is trend and how it can help in finding the market direction?
    The 3 possible market direction and how trends are identified?
  • Support and Resistance
    The definitions of support and resistance.
    How to identify support or resistance line?
    Support and resistance strength.
  • Shooting star, Harami patterns
    The patterns’ features and characteristics.
    Tips for patterns identification.
  • Engulfing+, Downside Gap Three
    The patterns’ features and characteristics.
    Tips for patterns identification.
  • Breakaway, 3 White Soldiers
    The patterns’ features and characteristics.
    Tips for patterns identification.


  • Growth
    In this course, you will learn about macro-economics, which serves as the basis for understanding the global economy and the capital markets.
  • The Crisis
    Why does government debt can cause serious consequences.
  • Interest and Inflation
    What influences interest and inflation and how does this affects the value of our money.
  • Saving and Investing
    Our money is used for many things: purchasing essential and non-essential items, investing in a business, and securing the future.
  • What is globalization?
    Globalization makes countries around the world become closer which influences people, immigration, employment, ideas, and knowledge.
  • The Financial System
    What is the financial system and how it manages capital in the world.

    Blackjack card counting course

  • Card Counting Introduction
    What is Card Counting and why does it help players who know how to use it increase their chances of winning.
  • Level 1 Systems
    If you are just starting out with card counting then you will probably want to choose one of the more simple Level 1 systems.
  • Level 2 Systems
    If you are looking to expand your knowledge and improve your skills at card counting, try the Level 2 systems.
  • Level 3 & 4 Systems
    Level 3 & 4 systems are for experienced players that have strong background in card counting.

Binary eBook

3D Book

Read this important book we have created and start trade smartly. Topics include:
• Traders’ psychology and behavior.
• Essential concepts and terms
• Tips for a successful trading
• How to use trading tools
• Practice basic and important techniques
• Learn how to trade
• Learn when to trade