Binatrades – Touch Option

Touch Option

Touch Options are a unique type of exotic option which has grown increasingly popular among forex, stock and commodity traders. It is based on the basic principles of Forex Trading and can be easily learned by traders and professional.

These options are used by traders who believe that the price of a certain underlying asset will exceed a certain price level when the option expires.

Traders are often attracted by the high return rate of these options that can go up to 240%

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How to trade Touch Options?

1. Choosing Touch Option

touch option - menu
Touch Option - Select Touch Option
  • Login to Binatrades.
  • Navigate to Traderoom.
  • Choose "Touch".

2. Choosing an Asset and Expiry

touch option - choose asset
Touch Option - Select desired asset
  • Choose an asset that you want to invest.
  • Click the drop down menu and choose an expiry time.
  • (Optionally) you can filter the asset list by choosing the type of asset under "Category".

3. Choosing an Action

touch option - choose action
Touch Option - Select desired action
  • Choose a direction that you predict the asset price will move.
  • Predict if the rate will go above (Touch Up) or below (Touch Down) the predetermined rate respectively when the option expires.

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4. Purchase the your Option

touch option - purchase option
Touch Option - Enter desired investment amount and click buy
  • Enter the amount you wish to invest.
  • Click "Buy".

5. Trade confirmation

touch option - purchase confirmation
Touch Option - Wait for trade confirmation
  • Wait for trade confirmation to show up.
  • Click "Ok".

6. Open Trades

touch option - open trades
Touch Option - Check your purchased option
  • Check to see your active order in "Open Trades".

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